The train’s resident clairvoyant. Eir broad swath of hobbies and eternal penchant for helping others has distinguished em as a competent, reliable oddjobber over the years. Unfortunately, eir generosity runs in annoying tandem with eir capacity to complain about menial things — a trait often disparaged by eir beneficiaries. Eir major dedication lies in the running of eir restaurant — a food bank rendered fairly useless by the train's object-pullers.




AGE: 30





"ardent spirits"



early life

E was born as a second generation immigrant in Venice, on July 31 2081. From an early age e was encouraged to excel academically in the hopes of being accepted into a reputable university, propelling em into a lucrative career in a stable industry. Naturally aimless and obedient, and well aware of eir family’s class standing, Olzhas did eir best to service this arrangement.
The practically inborn requisite for perfectionism became, as one would imagine, a reoccuring stress in Olzhas’ life. E was initially encouraged into studying medicine, though more or less fully stumbled through eir studies and felt deeply unsatisfied with them, usually unable to rouse any motivation to work or study whatsoever. A steep progression of eir formerly-workable inattentiveness, now often debilitating, did not aid these matters. All of this would eventually culminate into a sudden breakdown that led to em 'bargaining' for a change in studies, a request met somewhat lukewarmly by eir parents. E opted for going into magical programming instead, presuming it to be far more bearable whilst still being renowned and desirable enough.

pre fornax

Starting from age 21, e transferred over to a program in magical programming. Though definitely far easier to stomach, eir dissatisfaction with eir life continued to grow. It was around this time e started seeking a far more independent manner of living, after starting to crawl out of eir shell about ordeals like eir gender and presentation. E eventually landed a job at a local bar-restaurant as a barback, which landed em enough money to get em to move out into a decrepit little magically-enhanced apartment — at the time, a heavenly ascension to em. E continued to distance emself from eir family on an informal level, more or less exclusively corresponding on the topic of eir studies.
Speaking of which, these would continue to irritate and exhaust em — leading to em making a habit out of both smoking cigarettes and drinking. About a year and a while later, e would sign emself up for the experimental clairvoyant spell, partially out of the desire to use it to just 'get out' of university without the guilt of dropping out. This would mostly go to plan, with em often reading the minds of more accomplished colleagues to coast through examinations and certain extra work.
The emphasis on satisfaction and compeletion was… an earnest response to eir parents’ ostracization of em following an attempt to entrust them with various personal feelings, mostly related to eir academic stresses and changes in identity. These weren’t met too well, with eir parents consequently becoming even more distant than before. E spent the next few months trying to 'make it up to them' by fulfilling their presented academic ambitions for em, but… e soon realised this would go nowhere. This sent em into an even deeper spiral of alchoholism, a sudden fondness for gambling, a more laissez-faire attitude about programming and most importantly, into a yet deeper pit of loneliness and alienation. Eir only relief was the consistent support e’d receieved from eir coworkers at the bar, but e felt burdensome upon receiving any care or help, slowly distancing emself from this group as well.
It was, perhaps, this cycle of endless despair that drew em to Fornax — right before the start of eir last year as a programming student, e bought emself a ticket for the train with the aim of a quick 'repose' before a final big hurdle. Indeed, leading an overall isolated social life combined with a dismissive regard for popular trends and "mild news" led to em missing the memo on the entire presumed conspiracy of Fornax, despite eir departure taking place at the height of its infamy. Not that e needed any external theorising to scare em — e emself was skeptical of the low cost of tickets, the claims about the train’s interdimensional roadpath, the general opaqueness of how it worked… But e knew e needed a place that would let em clear eir head, if only for a month or two. And Fornax was a complete divorce from the world. There was an allure in that, one which countered eir fears of being killed or forgotten or whatever — at this point, e doubted anyone in eir life cared enough about where e was headed.

on fornax

It didn’t take long for em to discover eir newfangled strandedness — upon arrival e was quickly caught up on the train’s status thanks to Ulises. Though e sulked a bit, worrying about all the things that would go wrong upon eir disappearance started to become noted, e shed eir anxious moult in favor of revelling in eir forseeably eternal lack of responsibility. Though e attempted to get some rest in, after a few days, it became clear to em that being passive was a complete struggle for eir bored body. Looking for extra hands to help with the newfound Project Affinity, and noticing eir restlessness, Ulises offered em the role of a lab assistant, which e gladly took to occupy emself. Through this e befriended various faces: most notably Thuyết, who upon eir lamentation about Octant study work not being enough, urged em to take up some stupid hobby that’d keep "both [eir] hands and mouth busy." Thinking about it very literally, e started summoning various cookbooks and old informative VHSes in an effort to teach emself how to cook. This was the first instigant in eir soon-to-be long line of arbitrary learned hobbies.
E continued helping out with Affinity, notably also becoming close friends with Faris, though also carved out time in eir day for trying new things. Though e initially wished to schedule things heavily, e decided to give emself some breathing room, realising e had all the time in the world (or rather, train) to test out anything e wanted. Some new pickups included a reinvigorated interest in leisurely dance and some pitiful attempts to remember how to play saxophone… the most fruitful of eir pastimes, maybe sensibly, remained the cooking and a new habit of trying to invent odd, terrible-tasting cocktails. Talking of alcohol, it’s important to say e spent a lot of eir early train weeks drinking, trying to come to terms with eir situation — part of the sudden spike in dependency, however, also coincided with em abandoning smoking cigarettes completely cold-turkey. In spite of it eir mental state was absolutely and visibly on the upswing, with em already declaring the train to be the best thing that’s ever happened to em. Eventually e became more uptight about drinking, again, in the interest of staying coherent whilst sorting and writing things for Ulises. Eir close friendships with Thuyết and Faris also kept em in check.
Things would continue this way, pleasantly, up until around 2108 where e decided to start and work on something new, and more personal for emself. Even outside of eir agglegulate of hobbies, which although accomplishments e was proud of, still felt more like a 'pile of small things' rather than anything substantial. And though e still chipped in whenever e could with Affinity, e’d grown tired of trivial 'office work' and felt uneasy about Ulises' sudden restrictions on the Octants. E came up with a more self-satisfactory arrangement — e’d taken it upon emself to survey train databases for new arrivals, waiting precisely for when they’d show up to introduce them to the train in a direct, non-stressful manner. Some of the 'investigation work', which mostly boiled down to just checking screens whenever possible, was also fulfilled by Faris whenever she had the time. This routine eventually culminated into Olzhas meeting Isel, a frantic man apparently on the run from the Fornax Organisation itself, who oddly happened to coat eir clairvoyant senses in static — a trick e’d never seen before, with most distressed people directly shutting eir powers off. E was intrigued by ver eccentricity, to say the least, and wavered around ver for multiple days to keep ver much-needed company. This helped Isel calm down, and following some tours and explanations of the train’s mechanisms, ver anxieties trickled into something soon forgotten. Though the Fornax hunt seemed to be no more than an intense paranoia spiral, the odd static ve roused in Olzhas' mind persisted — e kept on talking to ver about increasingly inanely personal things, building intrigue about not only the absence of eir powers in ver proximity (and the resulting necessary push of eir own social abilities, which was something e welcomed) but now also ver past and preferences and, well… Isel as a personal in general. After only weeks of talking with ver — nearly nonstop talking, and intense talk at that — e eventually recognised e had feelings for Isel, which e confessed to shortly after, not wanting to deal with the awkwardness of words unsaid. Isel, equally enchanted with eir own kindness and dedication toward ver, declared ver own love for em. From then on the two were officially partners, something that came as kind of a shock to everyone who knew Olzhas, who presumed e was a very reserved, unromantic kind of perosn — at the same time, though, e’d practically disappeared off the face of Fornax just to talk to a strange, handsome man who spoke in obscurities. This was especially brought to light by Thuyết, mostly as a joke, though something e dwelled on quite a bit, indeed surprised emself by how quickly e’d fallen in love.
This also woke em up to the fact that e’d been neglecting all eir other contacts, which e resolved to fix immediately. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, e started dragging Isel around to everyone else on the train, an overenthusiatic, overjovial routine which was, albeit everything, quite welcome. Mostly everyone took a shine to Isel, thinking of ver as quaint and polite, more or less worthy of Olzhas’ praises — much to eir own relief. E emself would also befriend Valerie around this period, someone who got quite close to Faris in a similarly quick and mysterious manner — the two hit it off quite nicely.
For the next two years e’d grow closer to Isel, the two empathising over one another’s situations and granting each other both space and support accordingly. They also began sharing pastimes — Olzhas helping ver figure out dancing as e did too; Isel utilised em as model for paintings, following a reinvigorated interest in art; the two often spent time Fornaxgazing, listening to the music the sky produced… This fantastical way of life slowly dulled, though, as starting from early 2110, Isel started seemingly 'evading' eir presence with faulty excuses given as reasoning. Nervous about saying anything, Olzhas kept to emself, though anxiety and loneliness ate away at em. E consulted old friends, who urged em to simply communicate honestly with Isel. Heeding this, e confronted ver, who confessed to having been investigating decrepit portions of the train — and strikingly, the control room — in search of finding a way to head back to Earth. This served as a shock to Olzhas, who privately resolved e’d never return home — e viewed Isel’s sudden reinvigorated interest in unravelling the way the train worked as detrimental to the planned peace e’d hoped for. This, combined with the weeks and weeks of ignorance and obfuscation, and more personal fears about people like Mazin who might hurt Isel if ve contined prodding around, compelled em to argue against ver resolutions. This led to a proper argument which, in the end, marked the explosive end of their relationship.
Olzhas didn’t take it too well, spending a week practically just mourning until e was ready to meet the world again. Defeated and absent, e mainly wavered around people like Faris and Valerie for the next few days, looking for distraction. The one thing e eventually came up with to get emself back on eir feet was organising a proper avenue for practicing eir cooking, the most fruitful of eir occupations: e decided to open up a small diner at the tail end of the Spring district, the near-precise center of the train. E set to work, and though e managed to quickly organise eir new train room to accomodate for the restaurant space, it took a prolonged period of time that exhausted em and only made eir solitude more apparent. Throughout this period e also privately wallowed about eir thoughts on Isel, still embittered about ver dismissiveness and dishonesty, though still wishing e’d dealt with the situation better, and… well, very plainly missing ver presence. E enforced a much tougher daily schedule on emself to keep in line with said want for distraction, which e adjusted to quite well, but e was still… very noticeably more rattled and haggard than e was prior.
Eir rescue from this crevice of misery, funnily enough, ended up being the train’s newest passenger — Freya, an odd young lady who’d been observing the 'construction' of eir restaurant with intrigue. The two became friends shortly after meeting, comfortably discussing things ranging from the Isel situation to clairvoyance to idle train observations, and beyond… Freya would swing by daily to deliberately talk to em, something e was extremely touched by. Olzhas generally found thon wonderfully lively and whimsical, which inspired em to open up once more, and got em back on a more leisurely track. In an simultaneous effort to expand eir social horizons and simply help others out, e started rationing out time to help people on the train with menial, uninteresting tasks such as cleaning, sorting through old items, etc.
Throughout mid-2110, Isel made numerous attempts to visit em and apologise for ver misdoings, but e refused to listen to ver, presuming ve’d only double down on ver motivation to mess with the train. E did eventually loosen eir grudge, going out of eir way to meet up with Isel around late August of 2110. This was mostly for the sake of formalising a previous offer Olzhas had made ver back when they were dating — that, due to ver ongoing paranoia about returning home to a violent confrontation with the Fornax organisers, e’d offered to take Isel back to eir home in Venice if the train were ever to return. After this, though the two still exercised an emotional distance, they started talking and conversing once more. Eventually they deduced a schedule of short visits to one another every once in a while, once again becoming comfortably intimate and romantic in private — but on a public level, neither really felt comfortable doing or saying anything out of left field, and there were still plenty of unresolved grievences that had sunken, but not properly dissolved in their minds. To put it bluntly, they certainly were friends again, but that connection sat on a very thin tightrope bound to break at any second.
In the midst of all of this, e of course continued with eir 'helping' shtick and the management of eir restaurant. A notable break in eir routine arose in 2111, however, when Peixin first arrived to the train. During a particularly terse point in eir and Isel’s reconciliation, ve had practically begged em to help Peixin after ve’d already misled em, something that only erupted forth eir past frustrations. Though e did eir best for Peixin, uniquely being the most casual and earnest with them, another trail of miscommunication on Isel’s end resulted in them running from Ulises' lab and forming an alliance with Mazin, which… sure added to the pile of vexations.
Around late 2111 until 2112, e kept up with eir usual pastimes, continued eir complicated odd contact with Isel, got yet closer to Freya, continued to brood disapprovingly over the two’s potent desire to reroute the train back to Earth… and that’s about it.

post fornax

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Responsible, diligent, dedicated, blunt. — Irritable, distrustful, overinsistent.

Olzhas operates on an alliterated dichotomy of action and attitude… the latter of which is far less important to em socially than the former. Eir affection is kinesthetic — most of how e expresses gratitude, admiration or thanks is via undergoing trials and favors for other people. Often enough this response doesn’t even necessitate a signal or recompense… over the years e’s become drawn to helping others just because it feels "right", never really expecting anything in return. Eir overzealousness about this leads to em occasionally overstepping or doing things for others arbitrarily without even asking first… E doesn’t hold much of a grudge about being told to stop, though, often just recognising eir excessiveness. Regardless, the main point is that e’s rarely satisfied with lone words, whether concerning the way e acts around others, or the way e interprets the actions of the people surrounding em.
Even outside of social matters, e’s a VERY physical person. This is something well reflected in eir menagerie of hobbies — with most of them being procedural, step-oriented routines such as cooking, repair, cleaning, etc. On the edge of the coin lies eir smaller affinity for dance and music, which although obviously requiring certain artistic finesse, e appreciates for having a ready-set lexicon of instructions that e can use to build a foundation of skill. E shies away from overly informative, theoretic matters due to lasting insecurity from eir failed university runs — which, although e’d never admit it, is still an ordeal that nettles em deeply. In spite of this, e’s identified eir niche cover of very "hands-on" activities that require building instinct through experience, which has somewhat helped em accrue a solid ego over the years. For better or for worse.
To delve deeper into eir attitude… An important facet of eir characterisation indeed lies in eir stunning inability to accept eir own mistakes. E’s extremely stubborn, a trait that’s often a detriment to even emself — e’ll waste long stretches of time learning the nichest of processes, refusing to accept even minor mistakes or chance prevailings. E’s very much about perfecting eir craft, which can be extremely annoying when colliding with eir sometimes-intrusive need to help — e’ll freely overdo things for others and spend too much time on minimal refinements or repairs, or otherwise outright extend eir help too far and take it upon emself to do EVERYTHING for someone. Even outside of physical help, e’s deeply self-critical, often becoming embarrassed and antsy about eir own mistakes being pointed out to em. When it comes to autoerrors, e’s the type of person to notice the smallest off-kilter thing about something and then completely rush out to fix it, unbothered by the conceit of interrupting present moments. This describes eir pace about eir hobbygoing quite well — e rotates a selection of things e needs to improve and then picks apart at them until e’s worn down any perceived inadequacy. This hardly makes em meek, though — when under stress e tends to get snappy, though eir general sense of honor doesn’t escape em — e makes it a point to never really insult whoever e’s talking to, yet also not emself… wanting to maintain eir "reliable, capable guy" image after all. This culminates in an odd tendency to complain about trivial aspects of eir surroundings, often coming off as needless whining, which may become irritating.
Rerouting to eir general sense of physicality and visceralness, it’s important to discuss eir clairvoyace within the past, present and future tense. Although the timing of it makes it seem as though e got clairvoyance solely to help em sweep through eir studies, e’d kept eir eyes on the opportunity to volunteer for clairvoyance for months and months prior, presuming it would be a useful tool in conversation that could spruce up eir shoddy social skills and make em far less of a "drag" to others. Although… this never really ended up happening, considering e’d only hole emself up even more in subsequent times, it was still a sort of scalpel e could deploy to pick apart people’s emotions and thought patterns, which conversely reassured em about eir own. Considering eir dull sense for defining eir own feelings, and lifelong insecurity about 'thinking too strangely', eir clairvoyance still helped em build confidence. Even the most haphazard use of it and the most imprecise yields of information helped em feel safer when communicating with others, due to the aforementioned sense of personal clarity e gained, and also because e believed e fared far better when e had an idea of people’s internal thoughts and what exactly they want to hear. Though e’s mostly outgrown eir early days of intense mindreading, situationally, e’s guilty of bloodhounding down people’s thoughts and delivering suitable responses even if they’re untrue — simply, using eir clairvoyance for matters of sycophancy to get what e wants. E does eir best to avoid this as much as e can, often feeling guilty and deceiving about it. Generally e restrains the overall use of eir clairvoyance around people e’s close to (barring perhaps eir interesting connection with Freya) and mostly relies on eir raw instincts and memory in personal conversation, due to… well, naturally, feeling safe and absolved in the company of friends.
To speak of eir social pursuits more generally, e’s quite outgoing and open to miscellaneous conversation, capable of finding entertainment in even the most casual of topics. E knows how to hold conversations and how to switch between topics smoothly, often being good about 'passing the stick' and balancing input from multiple parties equally. E’s often trying to get conversations running whenever e’s helping someone complete a task, very aware of how company can help row time along. As mentioned, e’s got a quick irritative fuse, though it burns out just as quickly as it alights, with em rarely holding serious grudges for anyone. Eir lack of subtlety about momentary anger combined with eir whole insistence on 'finding things to complain about' does often result in eir emotions being misinterpreted as passive-aggressiveness, however, which… albeit not eir usual intent is honestly something e’s not above, at least when regarding long-time vexations.
Overall, e tries to be a supportive bulwark for the people around em, but a tandem of hidden self-doubt and a habit of biting off more than e can chew drive em into intermittent pettiness that’s limited a proper outlet. Most of eir arc revolves around em properly tuning eir sense of duty — learning to trust others to deal with their own problems single-handedly, alongside learning to be upfront with people to prevent misunderstandings.



In mutual regards, they’re both complete saps who’d never admit to missing the other greatly. Quite preoccupied with this weird tango of back-and-forth pseudoaffection and exaggerated anger, the latter of which they both use to "justify" their distance. The routine of their contact heavily depends on where they’re situated… they’ll often play up their animosity to onlookers, yet become feely and sentimental in private. They both carry fresh romantic feelings for one another but hesitance and awkwardness distract them from sincerity, along with some lingering grievences that keep going unaddressed…
Olzhas carries the most embarrassment about the whole affair out of the two, in part due to still carrying some mind resentment about being ignored back in 2110, which has coalesced into extended pettiness even after Isel’s tried to apologise for it repeatedly over the months. What e deems salt in the wound is Isel’s flippant attitude and ver tendency to joke around about their breakup, which ve does to try and light some levity about the situation… though Olzhas just views it as ver not taking anything seriously. Part of em’s aware e’s misjudging things and assuming the worst in Isel, but eir avoidance about direct communication really doesn’t service a remedy. Moreover e justifies eir own unreasonable regard of Isel by reminiscing on VER assumptiveness back when they broke up. It’s really just this entanglement of 'getting back' at one another instead of talking things out properly that’s making everything worse between them.
To summarise, e still very much wants to give Isel a kiss or two, which is an extremely annoying ordeal for em.


Quite the funny pair, these two. Shortly after meeting Isel, Freya sought em out too out of curiosity, though felt too awkward to properly introduce thonself. Thon ended up mostly just waiting outside eir restaurant in the hopes of em making the first move. Also awkward, Olzhas presumed thon just liked staying outside, and left thon alone — days later though e decided to actually provoke thon conversationally, feeling guilty about outright ignoring thon. They hit it right off, finding between them similar senses of humor and similar observations about other train passengers. Freya found eir long history on the train exciting, and conversely Olzhas found thons quaint expertise in random topics interesting. E also eventually opened up about the Isel situation wholeheartedly, finding it relieving to finally talk to someone understanding about it. Eventually their relationship sunk into a deeper realm of comfort, with the two being very casual and homely around each other — indeed their continued trust of one another lead to the arrangement of Freya eating at Olzhas’ place every day, and eventually, the implementation of a constant mindlink. This allows the two of them to converse mentally and privately so long as they’re in a similar vicinity… They usually use this ability to craft elaborate bits or gossip amongst themselves without risk of being intruded upon.
More seriously though, the application of Olzhas’ clairvoyance has benefitted the two of them — with Freya not having to struggle to express thonself by way of tricky wordage, and Olzhas developing a better understanding of eir own feelings and feelings in general through thoughtsharing and Freya’s reactions to eir mental state. They also both frequently debate amongst themselves and freely tease one another about menial things, invoking a spirit of friendly challenge in every conversation. It’s not hard to see how they’ve both become 'braver' about self-expression thanks to one another.
A lot of Olzhas’ conflict on whether or not to help out with Cassiopeia earnestly hinges more on Freya than on Isel, actually, with em setting a genuine standard for eir responsiveness and effort to aid thon… E’s constantly teetering on the edge of "this doesn’t align with my morals but maybe I can overstep that because it’s Freya who needs my help!". And e ends up falling into the rift of care anyway. Dutiful bastard.


Initially very… difficult and tentative about hir. Olzhas first caught wind of Dalisay’s exploits through an offhand mention from Freya, which immediately made em assume the worst in hir. E presumed Dalisay wished to mangle the train some more, a vision that served only to remind em of Isel, and so took it upon emself to try and intervene. E took on an intimidating 'persona' of sorts, trying to discourage Dalisay from entering the control room. Following the initial conversation with hir where Dalisay makes hir motives of returning the train to earth, e’s still skeptical and distrusting of hir motivations, but e eventually turns around and comes to respect hir as e realises e can’t make a life for emself wholly on the train.
An important development in their relationship from then on is Dalisay viewing Olzhas as a mentor figure of sorts, albeit one deserving of heavy ridicule, apparently. Point is, sie starts prodding em about all kinds of information relating to clairvoyance, something that endears hir to em very easily. E starts giving Dalisay genuine advice and starts doing favors for em unprompted here, kind of waking up and deciding that this random kid needs safety and a dependable person to talk to above all. This is partially why e discourages hir from talking to Isel, still resenting ver for ver 'dangerous ideas' about the train — eir earlier anxieties get the better of em and e starts getting worried about Dalisay succumbing to destructive ideologies, and ironically this lack of trust in hir decisionmaking only serves to heighten Dalisay’s drive.
There’s therefore a bit of conflict in this era, with Olzhas feeling somewhat betrayed about Dalisay ignoring eir instructions, and Dalisay feeling looked down on. As they talk things out and both kind of apologise for their impulsiveness, they get back on track to that playful inexact mentor-apprentice dynamic, but there’s an overlapped fog of maturity there that makes them both way less petty and invasive. I’d say its a distilled form of eir and Freya’s relationship, seeming much more 'business-like' and quick in comparison. There’s a definite warmth between them though, as absent as it may seem to onlookers.


Perhaps eir closest confidant outside of Cassiopeia. The two came to the train in quick succession of one another, both beholding similar feelings of alienation — and so they befriended one another easily. Though their schedules, Affinitywise, hardly ever matched up — Olzhas often worked around the clock, sleeping intermittently, and Faris often got work done in large blocks with following large breaks — the two often found time to talk around 'sunset’, often reviewing the day and cracking jokes about the times.
Faris had helped em progress past eir sudden retreat of smoking, as she’d gone through the same ordeal years before in the same manner. Conversely Olzhas often lended her an ear to complain about the train and her whole lycanthropy problem… this eventually lead to the two of them near-wholly conversing through clairvoyance, Faris deeming it a far easier way of contact.
Isel’s arrival to the train was kind of the first rip in the ribbon for the two, with ver taking up most of Olzhas’ time, and em practically leaving Affinity behind as a result. Thuyết’s death also didn’t aid matters, with Olzhas’ apparant ignorance of it only throwing more salt in Faris’ wound. They reconciled sometime in early 2110, though nothing big happened between them until later in the year, when Olzhas started to talk to her about Isel’s disappearances. Shortly after the two broke up, Olzhas jumped into a relationship with Faris, which lasted no more than a week. Unsurprisingly. Faris stated she did want to help em out, but could evidently tell she was simply a rebound to replace Isel. Which she was not too fond of. Olzhas came to eir senses afterward.
Nowadays they’re back to the more relaxed temperaments they sported in their earlier days of knowing one another. They’re very, very casual. Type of guys to watch a sports together or arm-wrestle or break chairs over one anothers heads or whatever.


Another decently close friend. Though Olzhas did know Valerie in passing around 2108, they only really got to know one another in that aforementioned 2110 period. They bonded over their mutual skill in dance, which eventually lead to the two of them arranging time to practice routines and moves together. Since Valerie has a far thicker, more recent background in dance, she’s most frequently the one granting Olzhas instruction — a preferred arrangement, considering her hip, directly injured following heavy strain in dance classes. Olzhas often liked the challenge of audio-heavy instruction, and so found it fun to satisfy her whims as best as e could.
The two have a mostly chill relationship, never particularly approaching one another with deeprooted problems. At most one of them will visit the other and just hang out to shoot the breeze and burn off energy. A somewhat ceremonial incarnation of this is them meeting every other month to split a full bottle of wine, often while watching some random completely shlocky movie.


To put it politely, e has a… very coarse, textured perception of Ulises. The two were far closer in the early Affinity days, with Olzhas idolising per heavily, and Ulises finding em exceptionally helpful and efficient. Even after Olzhas started to slip out of volunteer work in pursuit of caring for Isel, Ulises wished em well and never took eir resignation badly. Problems only really arose by the time e was called on to help Peixin, which made em realise e wasn’t all too fond of Ulises’ technical approach to distressing problems, and moreover, per fancy for obscuring information instead of being honest about medical hypotheses, be they incomplete.
Put simply, Olzhas believes eir own directness to be the best way to move forward in 'scary' situations. Ulises' common hesitation forms natural friction against that. E’s very conscious about not belittling others and completely usurping control of their will, and e views Ulises' obfuscation of information as doing just that. Though e doesn’t even outright despise per or anything, e can’t say e empathises with per worldview, and thus keeps eir distance.


Casual friends, who used to be far closer… E was the first person to seek Marjolaine out, instructing her along her arrival and showing her around the train. Ever since, e’s checked in on her intermittently, often finding the atmosphere in her library area 'exciting' to sort through and work in. E also likes talking to her as a way to exercise eir selective telepathy capability — said mindreading maneuver allows her to communicate nonverbally extremely quickly, something she heavily appreciates. Though e’s keen to be helpful, e’s often exhausted by Marjolaine’s habit of isolation, with her often depending on em for many external social matters.
E also assisted with creating the Facsimiles, outright offering eir own memories to the project to craft what would eventually become Sezim, which… kind of led to em regretting the help e gave. E’s stepped away from the whole thing, though its awkwardness still kind of plagues certain interactions with Marjolaine…
E’s more or less stuck in a difficult place of still wanting to aid a friend whilst feeling overwhelmed about it, and… kind of feeling strange about critiquing her but desperately wanting to do it because e knows she’s hurting herself with the way she’s limiting her social sphere. Really the peak of their bond happened in the short period of time where Olzhas was feeling similarly morose about human interaction, and e’s outgrown it while Marjolaine really hasn’t. There’s lots of discomfort in that.


Immediately took a shine to them during the vision diagnosis, empathising with their stress, anger and common compulsions. E extended extreme kindness toward them, literally refusing to sleep for three days whilst trying to detect their dreams and still being willing to do so until e discovered something. Peixin valued this deeply, evidently. The drift with these two mostly occured because of Isel and Ulises, who presumed Olzhas was quietly resigning from the trials after simply wanting to catch up on sleep for a day. Once they got this news, Peixin’s paranoia got the better of them and they did presume Olzhas had abandoned them. This bias remained unwavering even in the face of Olzhas seeking them out and apologising and offering to get back to the clairvoyance detections away from Ulises’ eys, an offer met badly by a still-frantic Peixin. E respected their decision out of decency, but it’s not uncommon for eir mind to wander into worrying about Peixin, even months and months later.


Former co-partners on various Affinity subprojects. The two had deeply compatible schedules, often working late into the night on sorting documents and data for Ulises — their friendship blossomed in this nocturnalness, though to onlookers, the term 'friendship' would’ve maybe been considered a reach. The priority between these two was to ridicule and tease one another to hell and back, often minutely, always scathingly — be it intentionally distracting one another from work, starting arguments about trivial topics, misleading one another… What public eyes seemed to slip past was the sardonic attitude of these tricks, and most directly, the nighttime pleasantries they shared: ranging from ragging on and gossiping about their own equally terrible pre-train lifestyles, preparing nice midnight drinks and treats for one another, delicately peer-reviewing one anothers' folders and lists… There was plenty of kindness exchanged between the two, with only the pretence of that odd perpetual rivalry clouding it to external views — they were both well aware of and commonly riffed on the exaggeration of it for fun. The spark of the rivalry was an inane complaint in the first place — that being Thuyết regarding Olzhas' clairvoyance as 'cheating' in comparison to knowing and utilising Morse, a notion e of course wanted to prove wrong. The boulder only ran further down the hill of jestful complaint from then on.
The two kind of lost contact once Ulises’ doubts about the Octants arose, since Olzhas had already drifted from the project and Thuyết was often wearing fir energy thin, as Ulises’ practical sole assistant. It took Olzhas multiple weeks to find out Thuyết had died, and e barely even gave emself time to comprehend and grieve that — once again e distracted emself through tending to Isel’s affairs, though naturally once those two split, e started 'catching up with reality' and started properly thinking about Thuyết once more. Eir major lasting emotion, with regard to fir overall, remains simple "guilt". Though e knew there was a mutual, contractual humor in their dialogues, in eir wisened, older years, e started wishing e’d been more honest with fir about eir genuine affection and adoration for fir presence.


Though they were both working on Affinity together, they were never particularly close. Contrary to Olzhas’ past view of Ulises, e never saw them as particularly eminent or noteworthy. E really only started appreciating their presence as e grew older, recognising eir sparse profoundness and 'overseer' nature as benign, and moreover, something largely affected by grief. E doesn’t really have an in-depth relationship with them — mostly only talking to them whilst sorting through Ulises' lab or on the rare offchance they visit the restaurant for a drink — but it’s not like either really want to push each other into something more profound. They’re both lodged in a comfortable acquaintanceship and that’s really all they need.


A former Affinity peer as well. If anything these two bonded after the whole arrangement melted away, with Olzhas often helping out with her greenhouse — under her instruction e’s grown skilled with trimming and pruning plants, sifting through plants for the sake of mechanical pollination, and most importantly, e’s nurtured eir skill of rambling excessively to someone completely unenthused. E’s kind of obtuse about Sabri’s sociability in general, somewhat thinking of her as way closer of a friend than she does em. Not that she minds the enthusiasm, really — she still finds the noise e makes good to work near, and she does think of em as a good aide. At most em running eir mouth is just a funny thing to her.


More or less an opaquer version of Peixin… E has some lasting concern about someone so young seeking refuge in the train, and tries to be nice to him whenever e encounters him. E’s tried, over the months, to try and talk to him properly and offer some help but he’s always met eir presence flippantly, kind of discouraging em from sincerity.


Their contact is usually very strained, to say the least. Beatrix has never been fond of eir clairvoyance, something e’s taken extremely personally, which has rounded over into a long bitter standstill where they’re both just very subtly mean and snappy toward one another for no real reason. If anything the most material struggle between them is that they’re both very annoying, very micromanagement-prone people who like to talk and talk incessantly. It’s simply that their homebrew methods don’t line up and that only alights anger in the both of them haha.


Quite literally didn’t know about his existence until like 2109. Doesn’t have much to say about him personally, almost entirely just taking heed of other people’s warnings about him being unpleasant and also, like, a murderer. E’s got a small prevailing curiosity about him, but e’s never had the opportunity to talk to him or anything.


Best aware of her through her Fornaxbound chime performances. E often listened for Fornax’s orchestral arrangements, finding the soundscapes comforting, and often found the chimes the most striking. They disappeared once e and Isel split, something e actually lamented and worried about, from time to time. Lightly knew of her, completely seperately, from Freya and regarded her as a 'tragic figure of myth', so to speak. E at least found the context of her name interesting.
Got to know Cas during intermission times through her finally presenting herself physically to em in a dream — the two talked things out, and Olzhas came to enjoy her relaxing presence and charitable grasp of eir struggles with slotting into Cassiopeia again.


Mostly an abstract concept to em, brought to light by Freya. E’s honestly not even sure how to comprehend its whole dissolution situation, though e feigns quite a bit of compassion for it.


Knows of her through Demeter, naturally. Has eir own reservations about her, though it’s not like e’d ever voice them. The bluntest way e could put it would be something along the lines of "I now know why Demeter acts that way."


Another Freya contact. Doesn’t know much about him, being practically limited to his name.


Freya doesn’t particularly care about him. As a result, Olzhas doesn’t either. Might’ve learned his name at one point and immediately forgot about it.


FACE: General ovaline shape, relatively 'tall'. Nose is also long, lightly aquilined, sloping downward with wide nostrils. E has a septum piercing, usually wearing a silvery nose ring. E has two moles — one near eir right eyebrow and another at the bottom right of eir chin. Eir eyebrows are thin, 'sharp'. Eyes have epicanthal folds. Eyebags and smile lines are visible. Acne often crowds across eir entire face, most frequently and plentifully at the cheeks. Most of eir teeth are sharpened, akin to those of a shark albeit singlelayered — the backmost molars are the only exception, being flat. As part of eir paradigm, e usually wears blue and purple eyeshadow combined with black eyeliner, and forgoes all other makeup.
HAIR: Straight in texture, expansively can be described as thick and silky. Colorwise, black. It stretches down a bit past eir shoulders, shaved at the sides and swept over to the right side of eir face. Uncommon, but may be brushed linearly to the back of eir head sometimes.
BODY: Height varies due to shapeshifting. 'Natural' height is 5’8, and e usually does not go below this, but may extend emself to 6’1 at most. Distinctly buff, though most muscle definition is focused in the arms and chest. E bears some faint darkened scars from top surgery. Eir clairvoyance tattoo — a complicated webbing of microscopic code arranged in angular loops and lines — runs across eir chest and collarbone, some parts of it pricking at eir neck. Acne continues to be prominent at eir shoulders, chest and back.
MAIN OUTFIT: Perhaps the most noticeable item on em, Olzhas usually wears eccentric glasses with lenses of mismatched dimensions. Most of their surface is coated in a magical material that casts an outline of eir eye based on contrast, mostly used to unite eir iris and pupil into one solid shape and thus conceal eir clairvoyant ability. The left lens is taller, with three protrusions loosely reminiscent of a spacecraft’s solar array wings; the right side is shorter, and only halfway coated in the material. The asymmetry is practical — a clairvoyant’s code automatically shuts off if complete obfuscation of the eyes is detected.
Otherwise, eir outfit is generally plain, incorporating repetitive geometric patterns. A light headband decorated with two lavender diamonds usually keeps eir hair organised. E dons a sleeveless wineviolet dress with a loosely pencil-shaped skirt, and a high collar. The dress features offwhite stripes and a border perforated with black rectangles at the hem, and at the stomach, a usually-obfuscated white-and-black diamond shape. The back also has a small, diamond-shaped cut that exposes eir back. An apron is worn over the dress — featuring diamond patterns in a revolving rotation of black, red, blue and olive. A belt with a cord is used to support the apron overall; however e also wears another belt across eir chest purely for fashion’s sake. The 'tongue' of the apron sits under the fanned-out top, and is contrastly monochromatic. E dons two pieces of neckwear — a loose olive tie and a much more tightly-worn lavender ribbon. E wears leggings with a differing harlequin pattern from the apron, although bearing the same colors. Eir shoes are flat black dress shoes, with ridiculous lavender ribbons reminiscent of traditional harlequin commedia dell’arte ones. When not doing something that involves precise hand movement, e’ll typically wear eir long black leather gloves. These are fingerless and bicep-length, and feature trios of flared-out ribbons at their edge.

GENERAL FASHION STYLE: A decent blend of complex and simple. Enjoys clothes with jarring shapes and defined silhouettes, particularly at the collar and hips. Further fond of geometric, contrasting patterns – notably stripes and grids and of course, harlequin tiles. E likes outfits that utilise the negative space of white and black tones, often wearing clothes with limited color schemes, usually preferring blues and purples as the lone 'pops of color'. Naturally may compromise eir minimalism for the sake of a fun outfit – e's equally fond of using deep indigos and violets as neutral 'buffers' against brighter tones. E has a good eye for values and shades.
Almost always wears sleeveless things, whether dresses, tank tops, or other odd forms of shirt. Tends to "carry around" jackets more than wear them, usually draping them over eir shoulders like a cape. E often avoids overly 'jagged' or scratchy materials, at least in terms of besleeved clothes — certain textures like fur aggravate the surface of eir scar, and if e's absolutely insistent on wearing something uncomfortable, e'll often cover it up with a softer sleeve underneath.
Distinctly does not do much in the way of makeup, solely putting on bright eyeshadow and eyeliner with the occasional lipstick to match. Keeping the rest of eir face very 'raw' is important to em. E's also fairly simpleminded about painting eir nails, an equally frequent cosmetic passtime — e usually goes for lavender, blue or most commonly, black.
Due to eir trenchant history of messing with eir hair e's also very prone to growing it out for lone events — though rarely giving up eir undercut style on the whole, e likes messing with the length and may tie it up in odd ways, such as braiding it.
Overall eir taste in fashion is regarded as fairly trendy and stylish, by 2112 times – all a result of happenstance, considering e was never too fancily-dressed beforehand and of course, e’s been detached from the rest of the world for nearly six years! Even eir paradigm exemplifies trends of modern fashions — with a skillful arrangement of an 8-color outfit, strong but subtle shaping to convey eir brutalist motif, and most importantly, the vogue move of wearing a belt around one’s chest.

POSTURE AND MOVEMENT: Very prone to sudden, flighty movements, such as hops, twirls and bounces, though note that they're never overly jerky or random. An odd sort of elegance and airiness permeates through all eir motions, as though e's caught in a neverending ballet. This is contrasted by a general rigidity and "sleekness" with regards to standing positions, alongside snappier movements of the arms and hands. Any kind of lean or seating kind of melts this sharp tarnish — e's likely to twist and bend emself around if talking to someone in such a position. Thus, e usually prefers long talks in empty, open areas where e's free to move around and pace. Boiling it cleanly, eir general core and body is often very coiled and well-articulated, with preciser gestures involving limbs being much more sudden and snappy.
E's very comfortable with gesturing and 'miming' in general, frequently pointing to people or things, counting on eir fingers simply to demonstrate a number, etc. Naturally e also utilises many hand gestures to express anger or stress in a physical manner. E's Venetian after all. E's also very expressive in the face, often trailing between various exaggerated expressions in quick succession. E emself is not very aware of this, often becoming irate when others point out some emotion e must be feeling when a lot of the time, eir countenence is flippant and uncontrolled.
E experiences tics, mostly of the vocal variety. These are usually limited to coughs, steep inhales, sighs, hissing under eir breath, etc. Eir most frequent motor tic is outright grimacing, and a secondary common one is em running eir fingers through eir hair, often pushing it from the front to the back via 'waves' of pushes. Part of why e wears eir leather gloves is to dissuade a tic involving em scratching eir forearm.
When mindreading eir demeanour changes quite a bit. E tends to reflect the emotions e’s detecting in eir countenance, frowning and scowling on behalf of someone’s anger, becoming more emotive in the hands upon sensing excitement, etc. When talking to someone e’s not too familiar with the mind of, e’ll be startlingly rigid and stiff.
E primarily walks on the toe edge of eir feet, rough en-pointe style, even whilst wearing flat shoes. It’s been this way since e was young. Similarly an ancient habit of eirs is sitting on tables or the back-rest of couches and such, initially taken up for the sake of elevating eir height… now that e can freely just shapeshift emself to be six feet tall it’s kind of just an aimless habitual leftover with no real purpose. Eir perching is often kind of intimidating, also, just because of how spire-like e can look as a result of it.

VOICE: Mid-to-high in pitch, albeit somewhat gravelled down by frequent detours into vocal fry. Generally has a very throaty, clear sound to eir voice, with crisp tonality for guttural and growl-y noises alongside trilled, rolled and flipped consonants. Often accentuates "s" sounds, though due to eir sharp teeth, hissed vocalisms may end up getting "whistled out" and somewhat lost in the midst of busy sentences. The aforementioned "throatiness" gives eir register a heavy, dull edge, albeit somewhat flat. Eir voice may sound rusty, squeaky or hoarse at times, especially after prolonged periods of talking or after excessive use of odd inflection and volume. Eir pacing is exceptionally fast, often rushing through sentences, though e employs skillful prosody and emphasis to avoid unintelligiblity. A lot of said emphasis lies in pragmatic intonation, with em often tighening eir voice, granting certain words special pause, etc. E rarely distills things by yelling or otherwise raising eir tone. Indeed, eir volume is very stagnated and controlled — to visualise it, it's a pleasant, loud-enough tone that's discernable but not bothersome in a crowded room.
Eir accent rolls around Average English, though has some eccentricities — notably e inconsistently relies on the British pronounciation for various words due to being the kind of English e mainly learned when young, resulting in what's practically a rough, unintentional imitation of a Transatlantic accent. There's a mild 'choppiness' to eir intonation in general due to eir background in Qazaq, alongside very distinct rolling of the Rs, somewhat melded with eir typical inflection in Italian.
When e first got eir clairvoyance, e experimented with altering eir vocal cords to arrange a deeper tone for emself. This failed and completely shot eir voice for multiple days — across those, e slowly leveraged eir voice back to eir "normal tone", though it’s slightly off due to eir faulty memory and regulation of it. Though somewhat lower than before, eir voice was still not as deep as e aimed for it to be, and it became a facet of emself e regarded contemptively for a long time. More importantly and ongoingly, these alterations made it easier for em to slip into a raspy, scratchy tone, especially after talking for prolonged periods of time. E’s somewhat embarrassed about the whole ordeal and usually plays off any resulting vocal roughness as a remnant of eir smoker’s past, a claim usually believable enough for most.


train room

Can be split up into two major portions — the public restaurant one, and eir living quarters.
The former is characterised by a general cramped composition, with the entryway being located at the tail end of the Spring District past the Evoker room. Immediately the actual room starts off with a long, linear corridor through an often-empty range of tables and chairs. At the very end of that is a small, much cozier bar area, an impressive collection of various alcohol bottles arranged behind the counter. On the leftmost wall of this alcove is a door leading to eir kitchen – a gargantuan hall filled with various appliances and experimental cooking structures such as big ovens. This portion is lightly decorated, and far messier than the proper exterior of the restaurant. A storage room, mostly for ingredients, lies in yet another corner of this room.
Eir actual room is… simultaneously busier and more simplified than this. While the restaurant indulges in cool tones, diamond iconography, intense tiling, earthy wood constructions and glossy white lighting, the majority of eir proper place is made up entirely of glass and a 'matte' black lining lending it structure. With practically no artificial lighting, e relies on Fornax's random glows for illumination — the aforementioned glass walls of most of eir room being lightly stained black to absorb some of the overbearing light.
The corridor from eir kitchen leads into a big hexagonal "living room", draped in various seating areas, video-playing apparati, bookshelves and boxes and all kinds of trinkets simply strewn about. The far wider area of the room, combined with the emptiness that comes with wholly-glass walls, makes eir disorderliness seem like organised chaos, however — indeed the amount of "pacing space" is an important aspect of eir preferred room design. This living room is shaped like a wide hexagon, with a room for each side of the polygon — these are specialised hobby rooms that e’s set aside for particular passtimes, to be able to develop eir skills with little distraction from other matters. Among these rooms is a personal gym, a dance studio, etc.
Relaying back to eir living room, in the very center of it lies a spiral staircase that leads to a small, secondary-floor room — a combined observatory and bedroom. This room is almost entirely a wide, cushioned bed slathered in various pillows and blankets, the ceiling above being open to Fornax, as though an observatory of sorts.

frequented areas

E’s naturally mostly hanging out in either eir proper restaurant or backstage in eir room, chipping away at some hobby in one of eir ateliers. E’s also often seen treading around the Evoker room, often attempting to summon big objects like ladders or instruments. E’s actually fairly divorced from the rest of Spring, rarely seeking out eir neighbours or hanging out around empty corridors and tunnels within the district. Eir most frequent interactions with eir neighbours either take place within eir restaurant, or it’s quite literally only em visiting Ulises for the sake of visiting Octant Ce to get some sunlight.
E’s fairly mobile about visiting other districts, though — e often trails through Summer by foot just to talk to Valerie, and of course eir occasional visits to Isel can’t be forgotten. In terms of wandering for the sake of wandering, e usually seeks out Freya and treads along parts of Winter with thon.


☀︎ E’s privy to a handful of nicknames — notably Isel refers to em with the shortening "Olja", though it’s a relic from back when they were dating, leading to him being quite frugal with using it nowadays. Freya refers to em as "Jay" more often than not. The latter arose from a misunderstanding when they first met, with thon mispronouncing eir name as 'Ols-has', and em rectifying it by saying 'like, with a j". The phrase transmogrified into a bit between the two of them for months, and when the two decided to sit down and work out nicknames for one another as a mark of their friendship, Freya’s first thought was the famed consonant.
☀︎ Eir favorite flowers are freesias — red ones in particular.
☀︎ E learned how to play the saxophone as a kid, though was earnestly kind of subpar at it due to being impatient and rushing through parts e had to play, along with general sloppy technique. E regarded music as another failed venture of eirs throughout eir adult life until around 2110, when e befriended Freya, a seasoned drummer. Talking to thon about music rejuvenated eir desire to play an instrument casually, and so e picked out the electric bass upon thons recommendation. A self-taught foray into bass-playing techniques, which e regarded as genuinely fun to learn, eventually made revisit the sax, becoming more comfortable with a tenor as opposed to eir earlier alto.
☀︎ Some further experimentation led to surprising competence with a handful of other instruments: among them Chapman Stick, electric guitar, piano and more minimally, drums. The lattermost mostly amounts to messing aroud on Freya’s kit.
☀︎ Prior to knowing Freya e used to be quite plain about eir music taste, more or less being content with anything e heard anywhere… Following an introduction to progressive genres, e’s adopted a far more artistic view of tunes, further developed by aforementioned instrument exploits — e’s become more focused on understanding what exactly e likes about songs e hears, noticing subtleties like fills or random syncopation or whatever. Point is e’s become more expressive about music, and has developed a more solid taste. Not to say e’s become more closeminded about what e listens to — it’s common for em to oscillate between a classical composition, a short third wave ska tune, an eclectic industrial hip hop song, and a prolonged art rock suite within the same sitting.
☀︎ Eir odd glasses are mostly a learned train-era mannerism — they were designed by Valerie and formally constructed by Ulises around 2110. E decided e wanted odd, refractive clairvoyant lenses after hearing Freya discuss them as a recent trend back on Earth. Prior to that, in 2109, e wore measly rectangular sunglasses entirely for fashion’s sake, and even earlier, e was relegated to basic clear prescription lenses that did nothing to obscure eir pupils. The lattermost ones were very weak since eir eyesight’s not too stilted — e ended up just throwing those off into Fornax while on a date with Isel, as a sort of ceremonial goodbye to eir old life.
☀︎ The lavender bow around eir neck was a gift from Freya, given to em on eir 30th birthday. Thon’d nearly forgotten it was eir birthday, having hastily summoned the thing last-minute, and having presented it with a pompous overblown monologue. Olzhas was still quite touched by it.
☀︎ Although eir expertise in haircutting has grown since, enough for other traingoers to trust em with the procedure, e initially got into it by testing out techniques on eir own hair — something far less disastrous than it seems, since e could just use eir shapeshifting to grow it back immediately. Eir weird undercut was a result of such experimentation, after weeks of feeling bored with styles either too long or too short, and it’s one e’s kept consistent for nearly 2 entire years.
☀︎ E’s fully fluent in Italian and English, knows Qazaq mostly verbally as a heritage language, and knows some basic Spanish. Additionally well-versed in Polari.
☀︎ Although also being Jordanian on eir mother’s side, e usually forgoes describing this as a result of linguistic and cultural disconnect — e’s more tightly attached to eir Qazaq heritage.
☀︎ Eir shoulder scar is a burn scar. The initial injury’s more or less fully healed, although e’s had a habit of scratching at picking at it for years due to dermatillomania, lending it a much more "raw" appearance, complete with discoloration and frequent scabbing. Back when it was fresh e had a lot of trouble with mobility, though following vigorous exercising and stretching, especially upon train entry, eir arm’s become more limber. E still tends to favor eir right side for carrying or lifting things, mostly out of habit (and to protect the scar site) rather than any lingering pain. E’s reasonably cagey about the origin of the scar, usually chalking it up to some vague "work accident" when asked.
☀︎ E also has smaller scar on eir left foot, garnered whilst helping Sabri out with her garden back in 2109 — e’d accidentally ran a pruning saw across eir exposed instep. Since it was an injury occuring on the train, it rapidly healed over, giving the healed skin a scratchy, 'ridged' texture.



Eir major thing is rowing along the boat of the Cassiopeia storyline, utilising eir vagueness and contempt to find out more about Isel and thus propel the story into the intermission. E also dishes out information about other people present during the train’s infancy, and provides some expository lore about clairvoyance and magic in general. For all of these e tends to work as a 'training dummy' sort of character, playing off of the person e’s talking to (usually Dalisay, Freya, Isel or any combination of the three) by being comparatively blunt and unfiltered.
An important aspect to em is eir role as a foil to Cassiopeia. It’s very plainly put in the earlier acts, with em directly denouncing and mocking the plan and being all snide about it… And even later on, when e’s on board with Cassiopeia and willing to help, e retains this fixation on critique. It mostly comes from a personal place, with em being unable to grasp Isel and Freya’s odd focus on it — Cassiopeia in itself is hardly vital to Olzhas’ arc in particular, simply being a vehicle for em to reconcile with the two above all else. If anything e mainly perpetrates eir skepticism for the sole sake of advising Dalisay, again, to think outside of what people plainly say and decide for themselves… E’s basically encouraging hir to not take things too far with Freya and Isel, who may still take advantage of hir, even subconsciously. Looking at it less linearly within the story, e also kind of stands out as the most grounded of the trio, filling a 'straight man' (lol) niche conversationally. E’s often the only one fretting about consequences or ethics while the other two succumb to quixotic reveries of martyrdom and heroicism. And so, ironically enough, e ends up maybe being the most empathetic 'entry' into Cassiopeia. Definitely to Dalisay, at least.
Outside of Cassiopeiac ordeals, e also operates as the train’s complete spine — e’s this big Gordian Knot tying together every person on the train, either through acquaintaceship or contempt, viscous or dilute. Though there’s… undeniable bias with a lot of the opinions e holds and though e may exaggerate details, e tends to be the most untelephoned about what e knows of eir fellow traingoers — said exaggeration is quite literally em just being overly cautious, and e’ll dilute eir criticisms when e’s asked to be fully frank. Eir knowledge often boils down to simple judgements of people’s characters and the actions they partake in on the train, things gathered on eir extensive quest to help everyone. And eir entire insistence on helping is kind of the major thing that produces this 'web' that e’s the centerpiece of — you can follow eir steps and come into perfect contact with every traingoer. E’s also got strong friendships with people of practically every ideology, making em far more impartial than most others campaigning hard for their own individual ideals.
On an individual level, eir arc mostly revolves around em casting off the varnish of eir own insecurities and doubts, and… well, it’s about overcoming an impulsive pseudo-divorce that e never truly wanted to happen. Jokes aside, it IS all about putting sponteanous grievences aside and apologising and reconciling and communicating and all that. Very mundane and menial. It’s kind of important that e has all this melodrama and inaction to em, personally, while being there as a mild witness for the ground zero of a lot of other events: such as Project Affinity, the Facsimiles or the initial reading of Mazin’s destructive thoughts. Within the meta itself, e’s a chesspiece that extends emself to the rest of the board unequivocally, and doesn’t ask much in return until e’s directly encouraged to. That’s about it.



There are two predominant axes: harlequins and brutalism, both of which delve into more particular submotifs.
The former mostly serves to connect em to the rest of Cassiopeia’s theatricality, and plays up the irony of the sentiment of Olzhas being the most 'serious' component of Cassiopeia, with the arlecchino character from Commedia Dell’arte literally being the 'clever fool'. It’s meant to bring to the forefront eir down-to-earthedness and severely practical aptitude! There’s also something to be said about the entire harlequin design in real life originating from literal scraps of fabric being thrown together, and then evolving into an organised, fanciful pattern. There’s some resonance with Olzhas' attitude toward eir past there. Regardless, to get out of the interprative clouds, the harlequin pattern also serves as the basis for eir diamond motif. In-universe the diamonds fully fall under the harlequin motif as a proper classification. Once again there’s a hazy allegory to the entire 'diamonds form under pressure' saying that e’d most definitelyß apply to emself.
On the other end of things, eir brutalism motif is a bit more subtle, mostly arriving in the form of geometric squares and lines across clothes, or being found in the ovearching shape of said clothes… The clifflike hem of eir dress with all the squares or the tall boxy arches in eir glasses are demonstrative pins there. Another indicator is eir gravitation toward monochromes and grays. I’d say the biggest takeaway from the brutalist style, at the very least in its architectural form, is the frequency of simple rectangular windows all arranged in a line and weird protruding overhangs and such…

mild associations

Most notably e has a prominent connection with the nervous system — which is honestly an entire Cassiopeia motif in itself, there’s a notion I hold of Olzhas being nerves, Freya being the brain and Isel being the spine. But to talk of it as an Olzhas motif, it’s… very simply demonstrated with eir clairvoyance and frequent narration that alludes to internal sensation and transmission. A reoccuring bit in general is just connecting em to the internal human body and its cavities and sensitivities, with em quite literally being a very ’touchy’ character in the realm of perception… taking that to mean both eir hesitance to share serious clairvoyant information and also, yes, literally eir proficiency for contacting and prodding others. This one’s extremely blatant in the text itself I just mainly consider it auxiliary because it doesn’t elaborate itself onto eir outfit or anything. It’s kind of just a loose twisting of clairvoyance around the natural, visceral guttiness of Cassipeia.
For evident reasons wine could also be considered a motif of eirs, with em being the only character to really visibly and consistently drink alcohol. This one’s very literal considering… e’s literally a recovering alcoholic throughout the duration of the story, and that in itself plays into eir character arc, but something something it allegorically serves the purpose of tying Olzhas back to eir 'old life'. Eir mixed regard of it being an aide and just another tripwire e’s setting up for emself also very plainly represents eir view of how e’s unable to fully leave things in the past, even if ve verbally insists e has already.
E has a trenchant association with deer, initially compelled by eir fursona being one but as time’s gone on it’s beccome outright textual… It’s very easy to reconcile Olzhas’ mixed bag of flightyness and elegance with these similarly tempered beasts.
Another association is a mild connection to the moon, wholly as a counter to Isel’s sun motif. This tends to come up subtly in alternate designs and honestly is mostly conveyed through eir regular haircut, which is meant to resemble a crescent.


☀︎ The earliest basis I had for eir characterisation was simply looking at Parappa and finding all the depictions of "characters with generic professions who have something weird about them still" very entertaining… eir main domains of both cooking and hairdressing were inspired by two very particular Parappa 2 levels.
☀︎ Initially e was going to be some kind of strange demon/imp guy with some kind of fortune-telling ability but any design drafts I did for that all sucked and I scrapped the idea. The entire reason this was going to happen was because I already had Faris and Valerie as werewolf and dracula characters and I wanted to get another Halloween-type monster archetype in there. I eventally ended up abandoning that mindset and opting for an intentionally discreet magic spell which eventually got me to the whole pupil dilation thing, and furthermore, the actual power of the spell revolving around telepathy, which would naturally have to be done secretively to work well… And as I milded down design things I did the same for eir initial personality, which was more or less just 'forgetful guy who lets important information slip out of inattentiveness' which felt meanspirited and unfun even back then. I started focusing much more on the double-edged blade of explosive temper and genuine selflessness which definitiely worked to humanise em in my minds eye…
☀︎ I’d say both Mettaton and Rouxls Kaard were early influences on eir design and the latter also contributed to eir niche as a shopkeep. This also contributed to the aforementined personality, e was definitely meant to be a very jokey side-character who didn’t have much of an arc and was just there to stir things up.
☀︎ Eir initial color scheme and diamond theme-ing was reconciled and solidified through the design of Rarity from MLP:FIM. Yeah.
☀︎ Loosely inspired by Anji and Chipp from Guilty Gear… I think Anji was the major reason I gave em the weird headband and also the affinity for dance, and Chipp influenced eir whole attitude about getting mad real easy. They’re also tangentially why I decided to make em very muscular since phew yeah fighting game men woo
☀︎ Eir attitude about eir clairvoyance and general personality was influenced by Jayfeather from Warrior Cats. I was rereading the Power of Three arc around the time I made em and was just very pleasantly surprised about his whole "annoying asshole who can literally read other people’s minds and can be surprisingly compassionate and caring but also his ill temper is so insufferable to deal with that most people having a grudging dislike for him" shtick. That got carried over to my good friend Olja but I think it’s less justified in eir case and people are just mean to em because of presumptions heh. As is the case with many intertrain conflicts.
☀︎ Eir designs have adopted some eccentricities borrowed from multiple KOF characters — notably eir side-swept hair and the frequent spiraling of it around fingers comes from Ash Crimson and his idle animations. More vaguely, Olzhas’ 2108 design borrows its general shapes from King. Moreover she’s the entire reason Olzhas has a past in bartending and as a result, kind of drove forward a deeper consideration for eir alchoholism and the way its addressed in the narrative of CCS, even if completely indirectly. Weird how it happens!
☀︎ E was the penultimate CCS design done out of the main 14 cast — though I had eir chef archetype down back in late February of 2022, thus predating midorder designs like Peixin or Beatrix. Proper design work for em started in early March. Eir creation date ("meta birthday") falls somewhere in the shadow zone of 25-26 February along with the rest of Cassiopeia because I drew them all very late in the AMs.
☀︎ E’s in close competition with Freya about being my favorite CCS character. I think they’d both find my favoritism extremely funny.




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