"hog dog eating concept"

a small icon of my fursona, clump.

cube or rami

phlegmatic-choleric 8w7

xelcome. yelcome. zelcome. i never know how people kick these things off. what is there to say? i'm a weird artist guy who likes weird art, and similars things… sometimes i have thoughts, or something.

i can relay some tepid facts. my favorite color is soup yellow. my favorite animals are deers, horses and monkeys. i speak romanian and english fluently and know some passable french and arabic. i am a really cool guy with many powers.

find me on the webs.
i have a toyhouse which is probably the richest deposit of Things I've Made. i also post on tumblr. badly. i have an art blog there too. peruse my music taste on my last fm. i play pce. that's about it.

actual list of things i likes


progressive rock, progressive metal and similar genres; music history; alchemy and hermeticism; bad midi files; hypertext fiction and ergodic writing formats; linguistics and etymology


guilty gear; king of fighters; hylics; psychonauts; off; undertale and deltarune; parappa the rapper; chulip and moon rpg; shadow of destiny; bugsnax; runescape


the mars volta, omar rodríguez-lópez and at the drive-in; everything everything; haken; thank you scientist; nine inch nails and how to destroy angels; king gizzard & the lizard wizard; dream theater and lte; coheed and cambria; and so many more goddamn. you'll quickly learn i'm abnormal about many a songs.


dungeon meshi; dorohedoro; witch hat atelier; house of leaves; kafka on the shore; all tomorrows; weird poetry you can ask me about personally

among other harder-to-categorise things. but those are my vitals.